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Ford Ranger Turbo Diesel

I have a 2005 ford ranger turbo diesel which has done 100000 miles and has had no problems until I took to a local service station for an oil change after I had driven for about 40 miles I had a lot of smoke from the exhaust stopped and had a check and found the sump overfilled so went back and they drained some oil off after driving off same thing a lot of smoke so went back again they said the engine is no good so opened it up and a connecting rod is bent could this have been caused by overfilling with engine oil.

It depends on how much it was over filled. Diesels usually have a larger sump and require much more oil. Within a quart or so should not be a problem. But, because diesels use the oil for cooling more and over filling by a lot could inhibit the process, it could very well be. IMHO, you may never know for sure if you don’t know by how much it was overfilled.

If the oil were excessively overfilled, yes, it would be the probable cause for the bent rod. Did the engine stall while smoking and require pushing the truck to get it started?

Just curious is this a North American or even a US vehicle?yes if you approach hydro static lock,you can bend a rod-but usually what happens on a severly overfilled diesel engine is it will start pulling oil into the combustion chamber and fly to pieces when it over revs-Kevin

Yes, an engine overfilled with oil can knock, smoke, lockup, bust a piston or rings, or bend a connecting rod along with damaging crankshaft journals and bearings.

Is it to be assumed the shop is claiming that this is not their fault?


Ask the shop exactly how much it was overfilled?

Perhaps I’m being pessimistic, but I suspect it was overfilled by at least 3-4 quarts

I don’t think the shop will do anything to implicate themselves. @merc380 might do well to get lawyered up.

The good new is they already admitted they overfilled the sump. The bad news is they won’t admit it ruined your engine.

Agree with Rod Knox that it’s time for legal action.

@kmccune If it’s a 2005 model with a turbo diesel it’s going to be the Euro-spec model which was never sold in the U.S. or Canada.

Thanks @FoDaddy