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Engine Oil Over fill

I took my 2005 Nissan Pathfinder V6 for an OIL change to Nissan dealer in Kansas City. They accidentally fill it up as if it was ARMADA V8 engine. I saw oil leak from the drain plug area and felt that engine was vibrating more than normal. Took it back next morning and I was told that it was over filled almost 1.5 quart. They replaced some sort of seal/gasket by drain plug and told me that it should be fine. There are no more oil leaks. I just drove 2000 miles last week after that and still no oil leaks. Should I still be concerned? What are the chances that it has made my engine weaker or damaged it for the long run?

for a complete list of posts on this subject go to the cartalk home page and in the search box type in “oil overfilled” and the discussions are all there.

Odds are they forgot to install a new drain plug gasket or reused the old one. Overfilling by 1.5 qts will not hurt anything.

Your only concern should be that someone was so lax in performing a basic job like this. The vehicle should be fine now but a small error like this could easily have been a major one; as in leaving a drain plug or oil filter loose, double-gasketing the filter, or flat forgetting to put enough oil or any oil at all in it.

I agree with OK4450, as usual.

While excess oil has the potential to damage engines if left in there and it foams and starves the bearings of oil, it sounds like you discovered it immediately and remediated the problem. If you had any damage you’d hear a knocking in the bearings.

You can sleep soundly. Your awareness has saved your engine.

One suggestion for the future. Whenever I have to have work done by someone else I always double check the work before starting the engine. Well, at least after I come down from my panic attack.