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99 AZ. Ranger picky starting

For past. 3 years starts on 3rd try, just clicks before that when temp drops to 60. Arizona only truck, 4 liter 6 cylinder. 35000 miles,also batteries last shorter time in heat. Regular maintenance, etc., original owner, mostly short driving distances under 25 miles. Any thoughts appreciated!

Here are some ideas … Seems like a worn starter that’s drawing high enough current to affect fuel pump and slowing the build-up of fuel line pressure to injectors. Test starter current, if High >> 300 Amps, replace starter. If not high <<300 Amps … could be high resistance at battery terminals, or low capacity battery. If you suspect battery or battery terminal connections, take care of those first. Also for less than $2 you can also put ISO-HEET in the gas tank to reduce the effect of any water that might be in the gas. Summary: It’s likely the starter is the problem. Here are a few things I would do if I couldn’t test the starter current … Replace Battery, Clean/Replace Battery Connections, Clean/Repalce Cable connections to Starter, Repair Starter(brushes, bearings)/Replace Starter. Don’t know for sure, but hope this helps.