Ford Ranger Spare Tire Placement

Bought a used '95 Ford Ranger. Missing a spare. Bought a new spare but don’t know the proper placement. Tired of carrying it in the bed of the truck. Help, please!

Under the bed. Using the lug wrench to turn a shaft next to the tag lowers a cable that lifts the spare into a recess.

Under the rear bed, accessable fom under the rear bumper.
There should be, or have been a chanel for it to sit on…kind of a bar and tube thing. The tube reaching accross and the chanel reachint back to a bolt that is the same size as the lug nuts so you only need the tire iron to do the whole job.

They should mount underneath…but. If your bed is open, I would get a bed mount and leave it there. Now, if you have a cap, I might consider elsewhere. But, realistically, when I have had trucks this old, unreliable mount cable might lead me to keep them in the bed too. It may be too rusted and expensive to replace for previous owner.