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Ford Ranger question about idling

I have a 98 Ford Ranger, automatic, with approx 150K miles on it. I had the transmission replaced around 115K. I loaned it to a friend for 2 days, and now when I drive it I notice that it doesn’t move forward in idle, unless I’m on a hill downward, or immediately after coming to a stop. But if I’m at a light for awhile, or just turned it on in the morning, it doesn’t move at all. I also feel like I’m getting some resistance while I’m driving, like the parking brake is still on or something. I tested the parking brake and it doesn’t seem to be on. Any suggestions or similar problems for any of you out there?

It seems to be move fine in idle when I’m reversing. Could this be related to a lack of transmission fluid? Of course, I’m going to ask my friend if he did anything usual or parking-brake related, but thought I’d ask the broader car community as well.

Have you checked the transmission fluid in the past 35,000 miles? Did the friend tow a ton up a mountain? What in particular would you like to accomplish with the question?