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97' Ranger runs cold

I just put in a new thermostat yesterday on my 4 cylinder 97’ Ford Ranger. However, it is still running cold. I am trying to get the heater to work before the cold weather sets in. I suffered a very cold winter last year and don’t want to do it again. Any advise would be appreciated.

You need to feel the hose going in and out of the heater core to see if it’s warm going in and out. That would prove flow. If you have flow, then you have to check to make sure the system is bled of any air. Check the blend or recirc doors to make sure they are working correctly.

What do you base your statement that it is running cold on ? Is there a temp gauge is the car that is sitting on the cold mark ? Or is it based on lack of heat from the heater ?

I understood it as, he is running cold :wink: