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Ford Ranger Belt problems

2007 Ford Ranger 2.3 Litre Engine 4WD

Belt got shredded, as in it was coming off in strands while driving. Replaced the Serpentine belt and now when the key is turned the pulleys will try to turn and the belt moves a little but won’t go over completely. Take the belt off and it starts and runs fine. Know for sure the belt is put on the right way, any idea what could be causing that?

Are you absolutely sure you’ve got the correct belt for your application . . . there at least 2, maybe even 3, different engines offered for the Ranger during that model year

Another possibility, considering the engine starts fine with no belt . . . one of the accessories (water pump, alternator, power steering pump, etc.) is seized or otherwise damaged


The problem might be with a serpentine belt pulley component alignment.

It takes very little misalignment for a serpentine belt to become shredded.

Take the vehicle to a shop that has a pulley alignment laser.


I agree with @db4690.

One of the components that is driven by the belt has frozen up. Whichever one it is…that is what caused the belt to shred.

Try spinning each component by hand and the bad one will be obvious.


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It’s likely that the water pump or smog pump is seized.

No belt driven smog pump for a 2007 Ranger

Myself, I’m leaning towards the ac compressor

In spite of the fact that the pulley is supposed to freewheel with a frozen ac compressor, we have several Fords in our fleet, where it didn’t work out that way. The ac compressor bit the dust, then proceeded to shred and eventually throw the belt. The compressors looked strikingly similar to the one used for that 2007 Ranger. Same ac compressor manufacturer, presumably

I seem to recall some issues with Ford AC compressor hub bearings of that period now that you mention it. That’s a likely possibility for the OP’s problem.

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I agree with both of you.
And once the OP determines which pulley is frozen he’ll have found the reason the belt shredded.


I was a little confused by the OP saying his belt moved a little when he turned the key.

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I think the OP was describing the little bit of movement in the new belt that occurred as the starter motor tried to turn the crankshaft while it was being held fast by the frozen component.

I think Ford/Mazda only offered one 2.3 liter engine.
But I only looked at the 3.0 and 4.0 V6s.