Ford Ranger 4X4 Pops Out of 4 Wheel Drive

Please help!! I just had my 4 wheel drive worked on and everytime I hit the break to stop at a stop sign it goes back to 2 wheel but the switch still shows its in 4 wheel. Just had a new transfer case put on but its still doing this! Thanks for any help offered!!

Unless you are driving somewhere with a lot of snow on the ground or on some sort of ice-highway, there is no reason why you should be in 4 wheel drive anywhere there’s a stop sign. In fact, if you habitually drive around on dry pavement in 4wd, that’s the reason why you needed a new transfer case!

Thanks Greasy Jack but we live in Michigan and have not seen dry pavement in 3/4 months!!! Sometimes we have to have 4X4 just to get out of our level driveway----as we have had several feet of snow and ice since November! Still don’t know how to address this problem?? Thanks.