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Ford Probe cam timing

I’ve got a 95 probe that I repace teh head gasket on along with timing belt and cam shaft seals. I took the cam sprockets off without marking how they came off. There is a bolt in the center and a pin in the camshaft. The pin can go in two different spot on the sprocket. This engine is a DOHC one side is for intake the other for exhaust. Any help determining how to find the correct cam timing would be appreciated.

I subscribed to alldata they were no help, nor was the local dealer who I found out also uses alldata

Make sure cylinder #1 is @ TDC.

Prior to installing the head, make sure the cam shafts are positioned such that the intake/exhaust valves for cylinder #1 are closed. Install the sprockets onto the cam shafts so that the alignment marks on the sprockets align with their reference points.


The cam shaft sprockets can be installed in two different ways. There is an “L” shaped slot that the pin on the cam can go thru, one at the top of the L or on the lower left side of the L. Here is a link to a similar type of cam sprocket, mine are OEM.

I can match the timing marks on the cams but I need to match the cams to the cam sprockets.