3.5L Duratec CAMshafts out of sync. Need help. Depressed

2009 Ford Flex. Water pump failed. Sludged engine. Quote $3000 to fix. Don’t have it. Decided to do it myself, and am VERY CLOSE to finishing. This morning went to torque CAM phasers and sprokets. Needed to move the right side just a bit to put the position tool on. Suddenly, it slipped forward a lot, and I can’t get it back.

The left side is fine. Holding tool is on. Can I move the right side independently of the left to get it back in position? Really down. Need help.

Are both valve covers off? Many cams cast cast in hexes or flats on them so you can use wrench to rotate them.

Both covers are off. I have the holding tools on the flats for the left side. But the right side was a bit off. So when I put a wrench on it to move it just a bit, it slipped forward more than I wanted. Can I leave the tool on the left side, but keep moving the right until it gets into position?
The timing chain is off.


You can rotate the cam to align it.


Appreciate all of you. I had the timing chain off. Was about to torque the sprockets down to put on a new chain (water pump is already in). So, moving the crankshaft would not move the sprockets. But your posts and the video did give me confidence to move the sprockets independently. I put them both in the twelve oclock position, and now the timing tools are on perfectly. I also moved the crankshaft dot to the four o’clock position.

I think all is well. Gonna get my breath back, and then proceed to install the new chain, guides, tensioners, and other components.

Really grateful.