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Ford pickup hydraulic clutch

I hope everyone will celebrate with me when Ford goes bankrupt and disappears. I replaced the clutch plate on my 1996 Ford 5-speed manual pickup with concentric slave cylinder. The pedal worked fine before the job. When bleeding the master cylinder my assistant forgot to tighten the bleeder screw when I released the pedal. Since then I can get no fluid in the line or out of the bleeder. I have asked and paid some to help me, but no one can. You’d think the fluid would come out by gravity. I don’t think I could design a simple system like this not to work. If anyone can help me I will send them $20.

You don’t need to send me the twenty bucks. Use that money to purchase a pressure brake bleeder. Because that’s the only way I’ve found to effectively and completely bleed this hydraulic clutch system.


I guess that makes sense. I didn’t know there was such a thing and I certainly didn’t know anyone would be so stupid to design a system this way. If you’re right, I definitely want to pay you. Please give me your name and address.