Ford mustang making trouble. help?

so my cars check engine light came on and the car was sounding very poor and wasn’t responsive just felt like it was at half power. i do have the codes here-
and then you can hear the noise here (it’s not pretty) but if anyone has any idea what this could be please let me know

That sounds like a stretched timing chain rubbing.

That would explain all the misfire codes and the lack of power.


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so would you recommend just replacing the timing chain?

That would be hard to say.

I know it’s a Mustang, but what year and what engine?


it’s a 2006 4.0 just the base v6 model

This timing set is for an engine with a balance shafts.

And this timing set is for an engine without a balance shafts.


This car has (I want to say) three timing chains. The rear one might require the engine to come out. This will not be cheap.