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Ford Mustang GT emissions issue

My husband bought his affordable dream car. After buying the 2005 Mustang GT with NO gas in it. He went to fill it up only to find that when he got it to the half way point no more gas went in.

Since it was on a 90 day warranty, he took it back. Oh yeah, a Google search said this was a known problem and the fixes were sketchy… So he tried them… The dealer replaced the gas take. Didn’t work, replaced the charcoal filter. All set.

He put the car up for the winter and started it a few times. It was working. He gassed it up two weeks ago and began driving it.

Now the symptoms are starting again. Emissions light comes on, the bell dings to let him know something’s wrong.

I told him to try driving with the gas cap off for a bit (around the block).

Anybody got any ideas?

Running the engine with the gas cap off will make the light come on for an evaporative emissions code. Get the code read to see what the problem is.

Keep the cap on and get the codes read. Hopefully, the auto parts stores in your area will read them for free. They do in my area. Post the codes here, and we can help decipher them.

So far the car is not the problem. The problem is a diagnosis failure. The odds of the gas tank or the charcoal filter being behind this fault is as close to zero as you can fet.

As mentioned, get the codes pulled and post them here for discussion.

There is a thread on this board titled “Cheap Code Reader”…You might want to use the search window and check that out. With a used Mustang GT, it might be a handy tool to have…

It’s kind of like having a thermometer in your medicine chest…

Since my first post I rode in the car and the dinging of the alert only happens at 12-1500 rpms. The light stays on continuously. I will have my husband take the car in to a machine to be diagnosed. Thanks for the help. I’ll post again when he’s checked it out.