Fuel Cap Light on 05 Mustang GT

The check fuel cap light came on on my car. I took the manual out and retightened the fuel cap as explained in the manual and it did not go away. The dealer says that this means that there is a leak on the evap side. This car has only 29k miles on it. Is it just lousy FORD engineering or just a faulty sensor.

take it to a place like Autozone(they do it for free) and have them check for any codes that may be stored in your car’s computer. If there is anything, have them tell you the code and what it means, then post it back on the forum.

You could try replacing the fuel cap and see if that fixes the problem. Something as simple as a bad gasket on the cap can cause your problem.

Has your warrantee expired? It’s not Fords fault. The government made them put all that garbage on your car, and your paid for it.

did you remove the fuel cap to ensure the gasket is there. sometimes the gasket gets cocked sideways a little bit, and wont seat correctly. then re tightened should fix the fuel cap dilemma.

by chance have you broken the small plastic tether which keeps the cap captive on the car? if the tether is broken it is possible that the gasket fell off, and you just didnt notice it gone.

also, how long has it been since you retightened and started the car. it may take a half hour of driving or so to reset the light.

I did remove and check the plastic tether, I retightened the cap and drove for about 1/2 hour. I didnt check the gasket. That is a task for tomorrow. Thanks

and drove for about 1/2 hour

Note, you may need to drive the car for several driving cycles before the light will go out. It may take a few days of driving.

I checked the Gasket. It is still there. I checked it for condition, it is still in a good shape. The dealer has offered to look at it and give me a free diagnosis. Small town perks.

Well, The diagnosis on the vacum test was a leaking gas cap. The dealer replaced the cap for me free of charge. But what the hell is Ford doing putting junk parts on vehicles. I guess it is the good dealerships that keep the business going for these guys.

Even with good companies, a bad part can slip through. That’s what warranties are for.