Ford Fusion Hybrid - A/C Smells at Start-up

Our 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid has been great and trouble free. Recently, however, we’ve noticed a strong smell,like fiberglass, come from the A/C when starting from a cold engine. Ford Customer Service has been no help.

Anyone experienced anything similar?

Have you replaced the cabin air filter?

I did replace the cabin air filter. The smell is still there, even with the new filter.

Have you tried disinfecting/deodorizing the HVAC system?

Frigifresh is a product that I have used, and it is very good for eliminating odors from the HVAC system. A good auto parts store, like Napa, should have it.

Haven’t tried that yet. Will look into it. Thanks
The smell isn’t like musty or mildew, but I’ll check it out.