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Ford Fusion 2014 Lighting Functions

I’ve Ford Fusion 2014 2.5L Standard Trim. As because of Standard Trim it doesn’t come with pre-equipped fog lights.

For the installation of fog lights, I’ve come across a few questions.
First, Where is the fog light switch and how would I turn it on? My stock lighting switch doesn’t have any fog light button. Below is the picture of my stock lighting switch, For now, I’m saying it Type-1 switch.

One solution could be that I set them on the parking lights but I don’t want that because there are separate indicators of front and rear fog lights on my instrument panel. IMG_0759
So I want to change the whole lighting switch but there are two more types of lighting switches. Here’s Type-2:s-l640
And this one, I’m saying it Type-3:Stainless-Steel-Headlight-Switch-Sequins-Cover-Stickers-For-Ford-For-New-Focus-3-MK3-Mk4-Kuga
This Type-3 switch has buttons for front and rear fog lights. For now, I don’t want to install rear fog lights but it seems like this Type-3 switch has some other functions also (0•1•2•3•4) that I don’t know about. Would it work in my car, any suggestions?
I saw some fog lights installation videos for Fusion, all of them installed Type-2 switch.
Which switch is recommended? And what should I keep in mind with the installation that fog light indicator in my instrument panel illuminates upon switching on the fog lights like a stock function?

Last question, there is another indicator on my instrument panel related to lightings that I don’t know about even in car’s manual there’s nothing about it, It illuminates along with other indicators with ignition-on and then turn off, any idea?

I would just spring for one of the OEM kits they sell. Here’s a video of the process showing many of the parts-

I saw that video, but my real issue is, what about the instrument panel fog light indicator? Will it work like stock?