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Ford Fusion 09 starts sometimes and sometimes it doesn't

Does the owners manual say what those flashing icons mean?

The car came without a manual…I bought it from a family member.

That is the anti-theft system indicator, if that indicator flashes while you try to start the engine there may be a problem with your key.

I’d have to get a new key?

If the anti-theft indicator is on when the engine won’t start try using your other key. Be sure there is nothing interfering with the key like other transmitters on your key ring.

To avoid messing things up I took it to the mechanic and told him about it.

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Surf over to the Ford website. They probably have a down-loadable pdf owner’s manual link for you there, gratis.

If you key has a battery inside, maybe just a new battery is all that’s needed. “Just” doesn’t mean “inexpensive” in this case probably, but easy enough for a dealership to replace the key battery in a jiffy.

Update: I got the car a week ago… well the problem was actually a hose had a leak and water would drop down to a electrical part and there was some pink thing around the part that part would cause issues to start. The mechanic changed the hose and the part and he also changed my cars computer… charged me $450 :confused: let me know if this helped anyone