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2001 Ford Taurus - Sputtered

Hello my name is Crystal,
I have a 2001 Taurus SES, it sputtered so l parked it. (it has not started since then) I have replaced the battery, alternator, starter, starter relay, fuel relay, spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor coil, crank sensor and the coolant sensor. HELP!!!

Is the check-engine light on?

No the engine light is not on none of the dashboard lights are on, I was driving to the store and it was acting like it wanted to stall. I went in the store got my groceries and drove back to my apartment, it has not started since then.

Was all this changed in an attempt to get the car running? If so, stop doing this. It isn’t getting you anywhere except broke. Whoever is doing this work does not know how to diagnose a problem.

Having it towed to a real mechanic who can actually diagnose the cause will save you money in the long run.


It amaze’s me how many people throw part’s at a problem or go by what a part’s house employee tell them what the code’s mean instead of getting a proper diagnose’s that would be cheaper in the long run.

Try a compression test, timing chains can break.

Thanks for the advice, I have had the 20 year old car for almost 7 years and all of the parts worn out. I have found a shop that is nearby.

Thanks A Bunch

If the shop is one you trust that is the best thing you can do. Some problem’s are easy to see like a broken belt or coolant hose but most are not so easy to see. As far as a 20 year old car I have two truck’s one 30 year’s old and the other 38 year’s old cheaper to keep them running than making payment’s on something newer.

Maybe I can ask them to come here, Seattle has been on lockdown for almost2 months

That make’s it rough we are not on a complete lockdown yet but the two independent shop’s I use are closed for now.