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Focus Vibrates

The 2005 Ford Focus, 93,000 miles, that I bought the other day seems to run pretty good. However, when the warmed up engine is idling the whole car vibrates, the outside mirrors vibrate a lot. When I look under the hood, the engine seems to run smoothly, and idle speed if anything is already a little fast. Could this be a big problem or is there something a do it yourselfer can do about this?

CSA’s Believe It Or Not!

Ford says that some 2000-2007 Focus models have “excessive engine vibration” at idle. They have issued Technical Service Bulletins and revisions regarding this.

They say it is caused by small stones, road debris, or snow and ice becoming packed in the rear engine roll restrictor. The fix is to clean it out and the way to keep it from coming back is to install a “service shield” (Ford part # 2M5Z-16102-AA).

A cross member-to-roll restrictor bolt must be removed, the shield put in place and the bolt replaced to hold the shield.

It doesn’t sound like rocket science. Check with your friendly Ford parts guys/gals.


Thanks, I’ll give that a try.