Ford Focus won't start, won't take a jump



I have a 2004 Focus that won’t start and won’t take a jump. I drove it 350 miles yesterday with two stops and had no problem. This morning I went out, turned the key, and there was no crank. The dashboard lit up, but nothing else. I called AAA and the tow driver tried to jump me from both his portable battery and his truck and neither did anything. Still no sound from the Focus. I had it towed to the shop, and they’re supposed to be calling me soon, but I like to get opinions from this board so that I feel even slightly more informed when I’m dealing with the mechanics. Could it be the alternator? The starter? Any other ideas?

My records are at home, but I know I had something related to the ignition (ignition switch maybe?) replaced less than a year ago when my car had the identical symptoms (no start, no crank, won’t take a jump.)

Thanks for any help.