2006 Ford Focus not starting please help!

I had someone jump the car and a couple miles later it stalled again…when i tried to jump it again it kept making a typewriter sound from the dash and not starting i think it’s the alternator but i’m not sure it was working perfectly fine that whole day then when i came back out to start it nothing was working. please help.

First step , have the battery checked.

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A faulty alternator wouldn’t prevent cranking, except if the alternator was so dysfunctional it didn’t charge the battery. Basic battery/alternator shop test would tell you for sure.

How many red or yellow lights were on before the car died?

This sounds like a bad alternator based on how you answer my question.


I wouldn’t think that the alternator would affect the ability to jump-start the car, so I suspect either a short within the battery or bad battery cable connections. Having the battery tested would be a good start.

It seems unlikely, but I suppose a faulty alternator could cause that symptom. I wonder if it would cause unintended problems if OP just disconnected the alternator temporarily, to see if the engine jump-starts successfully in that configuration? Seems like it would be an easy way to prove or disprove the faulty alternator theory.