Ford Focus wagon 2002 came to a stop on the road

Started the car got out of the parking lot and drove a few feet till it stalled and rolled to a stop. It cranks but would not turn over all the way to drive. Called mechanic to let them know that it would be towed. They asked if it had gas. It has a 1/4 tank. Tow driver asked the same question. I’m wondering if the fuel pump could be the culprit or timing belt. If timing belt than I wonder if the engine could be the bad kind (interference). And of course cost. It has just over 90k miles and it has received regular oil changes but not the recommended services. I’m biking to the mechanic to drop the key off and thought that I would try it again and look under the hood, but I need to know what to look for. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

The gates belt website (google it), has the list of cars with the belt change interval and whether they are interference or no. Your owner’s manual should have the belt schedule too. There is a cover that you can take off and peek inside. The fuel pump check would need checking the fuel pressure. If you have limited space/tools and experience working on cars then you might be better off finding a reliable mechanic and get a diagnosis & a quote.