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Focus won't start

My 2000 Focus ZTS stalled at a light on a hot day and will not restart. I have good spark on all four plugs and good gas flow through the injectors. It turns over strong, but won’t fire at all no mater what I try. I stumped. I have fuel and spark, what else can it be?

Maybe a broken timing belt (if the ZTS has one).

Is the timing belt broken? It’s 8 years old. Has it ever been replaced?

You didn’t tell us how many miles this vehicle has, but 8 years is way beyond most manufacturer’s recommendation for timing belt replacement.

Unfortunately, your Focus has an interference engine, and if the cam drive belt (timing belt) has broken you may have more damage than you think.

Check to see if the camshaft is moving when you crank the engine trying to start it. If it isn’t, you have a serious problem.

If the camshaft is turning, be thankful, very thankful.