Ford Focus Power Steering

Hi, I have a 2000 Ford Focus SE with approx. 50K miles. When the car is on but not moving the power steering doesn’t seem to work. However, once moving it does. Any suggestions on what the problem and solution (along with cost) might be? Thanks, Ken

a few things that could cause this 1. the pump has lost it pressure and when the cars is stopped it is harder to push the tires left or right do to friction. Question do you need to keep putting fluid in pump? if can not see a leak any place the seals in the rack is leaking the fluid is being held inside the rubber cups on each end of rack. or you have internal seal leak and the pressure is by passing it,s self and not pushing the conecting rods. Question If pumps is making noise as you turn the steering wheel it is bad. good luck in the old days before P/S you had to have car moving a little to turn the steering wheel