Ford focus ignition

Would an ignition problem show up on the computer analysis. How can I stop my crazy friend from replacing the fuel pump for $280 and convince her to get the ignition checked. What might be wrong with the ignition? Car stops dead repeatedly after running fine for about 45 min.restarts fine but drops dead again and again etc.

These may help or not but here’s three ‘maybes’:

Loose or damaged wiring in the ignition system

Intake manifold leak (check for loose bolts but do not over-torque them)

OR a possible emission fault

Heat related? only happens after the engine is nice and warm? If so, its probably not a loose connection. How long does the engine run after she restarts it after the problem starts? That is, it runs fine for 45 min, then drops dead, then she restarts… how long before it drops dead again?