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Ford Focus cargo bay cover

Would a Ford Focus ZTW 2005 cargo bay cover fit a Ford Focus ZTW 2002?

I have searched the internet and tones of auto junk yards. Why can’t I find one?

05, 06, & 07 are the same.
01,02, 03 are somehow different.
Don’t know exacly how…maybe just the color or other unimportant aspects.
You’d have to find one first and try it on. ( my 91/92 explorer colors were different from the 93/94 so all the parts numbers didn’t match in a search BUT the accessories all fit one another if you didn’t mind the color. )

a rare accessory in the first place, so pretty hard to find used .

I don’t have any and have never sold one.

you might have to break down and visit a dealership parts department. They might tell you it’ll exchange, but if not, they can order you the part.