Ford F250 V-10 2003 stalls in traffic intermittently

My daughter says that her 2003 F-250 V-10 has stalled twice now while she was driving. Specifically she was waiting to turn left, pushed down on the gas and the engine quit. All warning lights came on as if she had turned the ignition from run to the first on position. She was immediately able to turn the key off, put the gear selector back Park and restart the engine and then drive off. Anybody else experienced this or have a clue as to what’s going on? Haven’t been to the mechanic yet, but don’t want to write him a blank check either. Help?

One mechanic says to check the wire harness in the left fender area for chaffed wires.
the action of turning causes just enough flex to touch the chaffed wires for a sec.

I found a whole discussion on your problem. Apparently many people have had this problem and spent lots of money trying to get it fixed. Replacing the Throttle Position Sensor seems to be the fix.