Ford F150 brakes

The original equipment rotors are so thin they can not be turned when scored. They also warp easily. Can I replace them with F250 rotors for heavier duty?

I don’t believe that’s possible. You would be better off to get heavy duty brake rotors for your truck. The front suspension on an F-150 and an F-250 are different.

I very seriously doubt that the rotors are too thin. Any rotor that is scored may not meet the minimum thickness specs and scoring is usually caused by running the pads down to nothing.

As far as I know Ford rotors do not warp easily. If your rotors are prone to warping then you need to examine your driving habits and/or check other things that may mimic a brake shudder. Shuddering brakes are not always due to warped rotors, in spite of the perception.

Probably not.

The heavy duty 1/2 ton F150 uses the same rotors as the F250. Which probably means they’re the same diameter. If you have a light duty F150, the rotors from an F250 will be larger in diameter. So they probably won’t fit in the wheel and the caliper is in the wrong position.


Are you having some history with this and are you sure that the rotors are actually warping?

There’s rotor “warp” and then there are uneven rotor surfaces caused by things like brake pad deposits that eventually develop into hot spots. Actual warpage is more rare, and if you’ve been having problems maybe you should be looking at the pads too. Cheap (and glazed) pads can cause as many problems as cheap rotors.

Then there are a host of other things that can lead to brake shudder (if that’s where all of this actually starts) - one common one would be crud on the hub that leaves too much runout even when new rotors are first installed and then just gets worse. Another - probably more common - is lug nut torque.

Then there’s the kind of stuff that ok4450 mentioned.

Maybe if you gave some more history of what brings you here people could give some better advice.

Try some better quality replacement rotors. The F150 has five lug wheels, the F250 has eight, so there is no way they will work. They may be the same on an F150 7700, but not a regular F150.

Do you do a lot of towing? Sometimes this will cause rotors to warp easily by itself. If you do a lot of towing, do not cheap out on your brakes. You have to use the factory specified equipment (as in no retrofitting to F250 brakes), and get better quality pads and rotors. I had some customers once who owned a farrier business (horseshoeing) and their trucks went through brakes like you wouldn’t believe. They would have their rotors turned every six months or so and replaced everything (pads/rotors/calipers) about once a year. They both had F250’s with toppers, full of supplies, and towed trailers with more supplies. They expected these problems because of what they put their trucks through.