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Brake Rotors

I decided to replace the original equipment brake pads on my F-150 and the mechanic tells me I need new rotors. The pads are not even worn out yet, but he tells me the rotors are both worn out.

There has been no metal-to-metal contact. There is no scoring on the rotors. There is no “brake noise”. I only decided to replace the pads as preventive maintenance.

Is it conceivable that the rotors would wear out before the pads do? I think he is pulling my leg. What do you think?

Considering you need a micrometer to measure the minimum thickness of the rotors I’d say he’s full of it. It would take some pretty old rotors that have been shaved down a lot to go below the min. thickness. If you don’t have any problems with the brakes other than the pads are a little worn in, just change the pads. ie, the steering wheel shakes back and forth when braking.

Zomby Woof, This Doesn’t Sound Right To Me. What Model Year Truck And How Many Miles?

If the mechanic checked the thickness of the rotors and found them below the minimum then he/she is obligated to replace them. Were you given the measurements and minimums and were you enlightened of any other problem with the rotors?

You need specifics.

Smooth rotors? Original brakes, not worn out? I would have just jacked this truck up in the driveway and put some pads on it.


Thanks for that advice. I agree and I told them just to replace the pads.

FYI, he showed me with the micrometer that my rotors were worn too thin, but he also used the wrong numbers for the minimum acceptable thickness. On further research, I discovered that the numbers he was using were so off-base that even a NEW rotor would appear to be worn out.

I’ve caught this guy in a con job and his boss wil hear about it.

Every time I think I have found a new way to prevent being conned, they come up with a new way to con me.

Thanks again for confirming my suspicions.

It is a 2003 F-150 with 115K ALL HIGHWAY MILES. The OEM brake pads were not yet worn out even after 115K miles, and there was no other issue other than preventive maintenance.

He showed me a bunch of numbers, but they were just made up numbers I guess. I discovered that even a new rotor would not be good enough by the standards he showed used. He was just blowing smoke up my wazoo. And he got caught at it!

You are right, I should ahve done it myself, but I’m just too old to worry about that stuff now.

Thanks for your thoughtful reply.