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Ford F150 1991 302

Everytime you start it up, after its been running at all, the only way to start is to mash it to the floor…then its flooded. has a bunch of black smoke. i have replaced fuel pressure regulator, IAC, coolant temp sensor,checked grounds. It has gotten now to where you first start it up its kinda flooded but it will run ok. If you drive it to PT. A without shutting it off it does fine, but if you shut it off then you have to mash it to the floor to start it!. Can’t depend on it for anything.

Leaking fuel injectors would the next thing to check. Some auto parts stores will rent a fuel pressure test gauge kit. Connect the fuel pressure test gauge to the fuel rail, turn the ignition to the run position and watch the fuel pressure climb. Then observe how quickly the fuel pressure falls off as soon as the fuel pump shuts off.


a 302 in a car in '91 would have FI, but a truck not sure. Does it have a carb, FI, or a throttle body (cheap man’s FI)?

If it has a carb sounds like a stuck float.

He said he replaced the fuel pressure regulator. It has fuel injection.


you need a cooland temp sensor not theone for your gauge but there is another one to tell the pcm what the tempof the eng is the colder it is the more fuel it needs to run most of the time when they fail it tells the pcm that its -60 f and floods the heck out of the eng look for a sensor neer your water neck in a water passage