Ford f-150 mystery

I have a 1989 ford f-150, that will all of a sudden go completely dead while driving. This will happen without any kind of warning,sometimes I can go 25 miles before it dies and sometimes only 3 miles. The funny thing is, it starts back up right away. It did this 6 times during the return trip from the home improvement store. Any advice on things to check would be appreciated.

Hard to find the problem when it instantly starts back up.
Gotta hate when that happens.

Have you noticed if the idiot lights are on when it stalls?

If not I would suspect a bad ignition switch.

I also would suspect the ignition switch though I would want to prove it before replacing it. The trouble could also be in the power lead to the switch or possibly after it running to the ignition area.

You’re describing what happens when an ignition module is failing. Fords of this vintage were notorious for their ignition modules failing causing a sudden shutdown of the engine.