Ford explorer transmission problem

my wife’s 1992 105K ford explorerer SUV has the following symptoms …

the automatic transmission started slipping badly with belching discharges of smoke in the exhaust and sudden loss of ALL transmisision fluid with no visible external leaks … transmission fluid seems to be rapidly leaking into the engine oil where dipstick levels are way above normal - with a corresponding drop in level on the transmission dipstick …

Now my question - is there a possible inexpensive fix or do i need major surgery or transmission transplant?

Check the vaccum modulator on the side of the transmission for leakage. There will be a vacuum hose attached to it. Remove the vacuum hose from the modulator, and if transmission fluid leaks out of this connection. the modulator diaphram is leaking and the fluid is being drawn into the engine via the vacuum hose. Which means the modulator requires replacement.


Vacuum modulator on the transmission is bad. Your engine is literally sucking the fluid out of the transmission by way of vacuum line like a straw. What isn’t getting burned through the intake is making its way into the oil pan. You will notice smoke out the exhaust, especially during idle when engine vacuum is at its highest. Dont let that transmission get too low. Replace modulator, change oil in engine and make sure trans is topped off.