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Ford Explorer Sport trac Noise when turning left

When driving at slow speeds and at 45mph, if slight pressure is applied to the steering wheel to the left or when changing lanes to the left or making a left hand turn a Whomping noise is heard (constant rhythm) kind of like a alignment issue with aggressive tires would make. After driving for 10 miles at 45Mph and then making a left hand turn a popping noise would occur (like what would sound when a Universal like on drive shaft would make). I have heard noise like this when a hub is bad (being 4 wheel drive) and have replaced the drivers side (left) Hub without resolution. Also when this tarted the ABS light would come on and now I have a wrench displayed on the information display.

Any information you may have in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated, vehicle only has 80k miles and has had both hubs replaced about 5 years ago.

I would start your vehicle and go for a short 5 min drive to warm it up a bit.

Then put the trans in neutral and cycle through your 4wd settings… see if it will go from auto 4x4 to constant 4x4 high… then select 4x4 low… and then back into auto. Maybe move the vehicle a little in each mode to verify a change was made.

You may have the xfer case in 4x4 high or other mode without the sensors picking it up. Or you may be partially between modes.

The goal of all this is to make the xfer case switch thru its options in the hopes it will positively enter the last selected mode.

I have a feeling u might be in between settings… this can happen sometimes.

See what u get…

It’s possible you have a sticking brake caliper. That would explain the ABS light.

If the hub bearing has a lot of play, it will trigger a trac control light…Put both wheels on jack stands and check for play.

Originally that is what I had thought. The car has new calipers, rotors, pads and slides including new hardware and bolts all the way around. Which did resolve the back brake chatter I was getting. The front hub assemblies have the ABS built into them. Was thinking of taking the MOOG hub that I just replaced from the drivers side and trying it on the passenger side. Any other thoughts??

I would check in case the hub assembly part # is different for the left and right wheel.