97 F150- Bad bearing? or what?

Well, got a 97 f150 4x4, and I have the abs/brake light on, and a really loud noise that sounds suspiciously like a bad bearing. So I go to my mechanic, who said it was the front passenger bearing going bad, and replaced it. Got the truck back, and its still noisy, abs light still on. The noise gets way quieter when I turn hard right. Any idea what the cause is? Or what I could check?

Are you sure your mechanic replaced the bearing/hub assembly that was defective? Or could the other bearing be going out too? http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/moreinfo.php?pk=1118888&cc=1122488

It still sounds like a wheel bearing problem.


Oh yeah, and my truck only has rear wheel abs. Forgot to mention that. I’m thinking because of the low noise turning thing that’s it’s the back right, and so I’m tearing it all apart tomorrow and hoping I have at least half an idea of what I’m looking for

It sounds like suspension… ball joints etc; but not sure about the abs light…

Front drivers side bearing was “also” bad. My stepdad and I replaced that one. Not sure if the front pass one even needed replaced. Abs and brake light still on, now time to slowly troubleshoot that one bit at a time, starting with bleeding the brakes cuz they’ve always been a bit spongy and really, why not? Hahaha


Use a pressure brake bleeder and the appropriate adapter

A lot easier

Is the ABS light always on at idle?

Or does it only come on after you start driving?

If it only comes on after you start driving, you might have a dirty ABS sensor tone ring.

If a bearing noise is worse turning right, the problem is usually on the left side. That’s one way mechanics tell which side the problme is on. B/c the weight of the vehicle is thrown by inertia to the left when turning right, so it loads the left side bearings more.