Ford Explorer Heater Problem

I believe my 2004 Ford Explorer has a blend door problem in the heating system. It won’t stay open and makes a clicking sound constantly, thus providing no heat! In past discussions I found one that says this is a major fix. I can’t afford to take it to a dealer. My brother is an “old style” mechanic who can work on older (50’s,60’s,70’s)cars and is not familiar with new technology or electronics. Could a person do this job easily or should I sell it and get a newer car?

The blend door motor can be replaced DIY.
But the hard part is getting inside the plenum chamber to see if the blend door is binding and why.
The blend door motor is a 3x3x1 plastic box with many little plastic gears inside like a clock mechanism. The clicking is those stripped gears attempting to spin against each other.
The plain heat/AC system had just one on the driver’s side of the chamber accessable from the drivers foot well under the dash.
2 bolts and one electrical plug.

Ford part# 1L2Z-19E616-CA list $72.95 often selling for $59.99 depending on the dealer. Ask the dealer for a parts diagram to see where it is.

Again the caution ;
Simply replacing it without proving the blend door freedom of movement could break the next one.

Thank you so much. Your information is most helpful.