Ford Explorer Headlight Warning Beeper


I just got a '97 Ford Explorer, and the headlight warning beeper must be broken, or it doesn’t HAVE one.

I’m used to the beeper going off if I leave the headlights on when I get out of the car. The first day I had this car, I killed the battery by leaving the headlights on accidently.

Does anyone know WHERE the beeper is located?



You may have trouble finding it. My guess is that one of the previous owners removed it. When you go for a replacement, ask the parts guy if his catalog shows a picture of its normal location.


Ive worked on a few Fords from this era, and the headlight chime should be in a plastic box behind the dash labeled “Central Timing Module”. It controls many functions. Ive read of several of these Fords with interior functions going wacky, and I mentioned the Central Timing Module and it was always the fix. I had one that would start chiming while going down the road every so often, and it wasnt the door switches or anything, so I opened the box and lifted the chime right off the very poorly soldered circuit board. The previous owner may have done the same to yours.


Yep, look for the central timing module.

The seatbelt switch & key in ignition switch are also wired to this module. Do they work?

If they do,look for a break in the white/black stripe wire which connects the headlight switch to the module.