Ford Excursion steering creeking

hello, I have a 2003 excursion that is making a creeking sound when I turn the in either direction. I have greased the front end and all fluids are where they should be. The creeking sound goes away when the roads are wet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



You may have a worn tierod end. Perhaps the bushing has gotten hard.

Sounds as though the rain water is doing the lubricating.

How are you greasing the front end? All of the suspension parts should be greased for life (ha) and do not have zerk fittings.

My guess would be the sway bar bushings. These are usually lubricated pretty easily.
WD40 can be used as a test solution to verify if that is the problem, but WD has a short life and any noise will reappear soon. A silicone based grease should be used.

thanks so much

thanks so much

I had the same problem with my 98 Windstar. The tie rod ends started “groaning” at 57k when I would turn the wheel at slow speeds (< 5mph). Instead of replacing the tie rod ends, my local mechanic used a needle (?) fitting on his grease gun to lubricate the tie rods. The tie rods were still quiet at 98k when I sold the van last year.

Ed B.