Buick Century 1999 , Clunk Noise in front end

As the original owner of this car, it is very reliable. However, since about 100k miles I have had a “clunk” noise in the front sometimes when I accelerate (I thought engine mounts, but no) The Buick Dealer and the Meinke have not been able to find the source after many visits. The Buick Dealer says it is “body creak” after all it has over 100k miles (no rust or anything anywhere). I had new shocks/struts tie rod etc at 100k miles thinking that would fix it. It seems to be getting more frequently lately… Any thoughts??

The noise may be coming from a worn lower ball joint.

To check for this, place a floor jack under a control arm and raise the vehicle so the tire is off the ground 4-5 inches. Place a long pry bar under the tire, and while observing the ball joint, lift up and let down the tire. If the ball joint is worn, you’ll see it move up and down in it’s socket.


You might also want to go to a frame or alignment shop and have the body mounts checked for wear or separation. That’d be a good place to have the whole front end checked including ball joints, strut mounts, etc.