Ford Escape Software Update

I have a 2014 Ford Escape Job 1. Like many people I found online, I test drove a different car than the one I bought. The one I drove had a digital speedometer, the one I bought doesn’t. It never occurred to me to ask about it, I just assumed. Anyway, the information to enable the digital speedo has to be in the computer of the car as it needs it to control the cruise control. But when I go to the dealer I only get the run around how the car’s computer isn’t “upgradeable.” I refuse to believe that the car can’t be hooked up to a computer and the display upgraded to the way a job 2 is. Does anyone have any experience with this or information?

I’m not familiar with this vehicle, but if the instrument cluster looks any different, it is probably a different unit and maybe not capable of displaying a digital speedometer. Even if it looks identical that doesn’t necessarily mean it is capable of this–a lot of cars look identical for example, but have very different engines and other options depending on what the buyer selected. Or there may be a way to get it to do so through a settings menu–you might be better off looking on some Ford-specific forums to see if this is possible if you must have this feature.

On my vehicle (not a Ford), there is a hidden menu which will allow a digital speedometer and other features that are not listed in the owner’s manual.

You can display a digital speedometer by accessing the diagnostic mode on the information screen:
On the steering wheel controls on the left, hold OK Button and the Right Arrow button at the same time for about 5 secs.
*Start the vehicle while continuing to hold steering control buttons.
*You are now in test mode.
*Use the up/down arrows on the right side of the steering wheel to scroll though the options.
*To return to normal operation, shut down and restart car.