Ford escape rolls forward when in reverse



I have a 2001 Ford Escape, I not sure when this started, cause i have never paid attention. But recently my wife noticed that when parked on an incline and shifting into reverse to backup. the car rolls forward until the accelerator is applied. Is my transmission having problems?


It also rolls backward when in drive, IF the incline is greater than the idle speed and converter clutch effort. In which case you push slightly on the gas to incease idle speed and remain stationary without brakes.

Same in reverse.


Ken has that right unless something about what it does has recently changed from the past. The thing about an automatic transmission is that - unless you’re up in drive at cruising speed and the torque converter clutch has locked up - the link between the engine & transmission is basically a link created by fluid pressure. Its not mechanical. So there is “slip” between the engine & transmission as part of how it works.


Yep. It sounds like its acting normal.



Thanks Guys, I think I also have a mas airsensor goin gout cause the idol is low a rough, so I am thinking that may be causing the low RPM issue. I appreciate the help!


If it’s just a problem at idle, then it is more likely to be the IAC (or Idle Air Bypass Valve as Ford calls it), than the MAF.