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Ford Escape Hybrid's lack of availability

Why do you think Ford’s Escape hybrid is so hard for dealers to get?

I did not know it was hard for Dealers to get them. Please relate your experience.

Perhaps the vendor that makes the glass for the rear view mirror has gone belly-up and there are thousands of Escapes waiting for mirrors before they can be shipped :slight_smile:

They are in high demand, so the availability is more limited.

^ This.

It’s a great combination of interior space and fuel economy. I test drove one last weekend and found it to be a nice ride, albeit a little loud when accelerating.

The storage battery used in ALL these hybrids is in VERY short supply. As the Chevy Volt approaches production start-up, demand will far exceed the suppliers ability to produce them. It will take another year or two to ramp up battery production. Lots of wheeling and dealing going on backstage to decide where those battery plants will be built…It’s not just making them, its recycling the depleted ones back into the supply stream. A major source of new “green” jobs, for someone…

Probably because it’s in high demand.

Ford has a limited supply of batteries that it has to share between the Escape hybrid and the new Fusion/Milan hybrids, so they’re hard to find in many areas.