Ford edge vs toyota venza

I am looking for a new car. I have looked at several, but I am leaning toward a Ford Edge or a Toyota Venza. Does anyone have any comments on either of those cars or perhaps a suggestion of something else to look at.

Both good choices.
Definitely test drive both for personal fit and function.
For long term ownership ( not leasing ) …
---- don’t be afraid to special order exactly what you want. ------

My 92 Explorer was special ordered and we kept it till Oct 2009.
The used 08 Expedition that replaced it has a lot of compromises and the wife is already shopping for another.

I’d have recommended the Edge up to the point they got the ‘My Ford Touch’ system - if the version you’re looking at has it, you should check it out before you buy, many folks don’t like it. The Venza is also a good option, we’ll look at it the next time we’re in the market.

They both seem to be a good compromise for the SUV. I would consider a Venza, especially after the recent CR surveys which rated it very well in reliability. From driving it, there is nothing special about the Handling. If you like a very roomy Camry it’s a good imitation. But then, you need to like a Camry.

As for the “My Ford Touch” system - it is true, some people don’t like it. However, remember that it is an option - you don’t have to buy it.

In addition, Ford has reportedly fixed the system and all owners of vehicles with it can get a free fix as well (that’s the beauty of a software-driven system - even when you botch it, all is not lost). Ironically, CR’s methodology will permanently show lowered reliability for older models with it - not because the systems broke, but because people reported it as difficult to use and thus a “reliability” problem. CR doesn’t account for the idea that a fix can be permanent.

“I am looking for a new car.”

Neither the Edge nor the Venza is a “car.”

What is it, exactly, that you’re looking for?

“neither the Edge or the Venza is a car”

Mc…I agree that neither is a sedan. Can’t speak for the Edge, but neither is a “truck”. As far as I know, the Venza is based upon the Camry and could easily be considered a Camry high capacity station wagon replacement. IMO, they are cars in every sense of the word. Otherwise, Toyota and Ford got what they wanted…you and I disagreeing on what they are.