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Ford Easy Fill premature cut off

Have annoying problem of premature gas pump cut off when filling gas tank of 2012 Ford Escape. Has Ford’s Easy Fill technology which does away with a gas cap. Now that I have the problem, I’ve researched that the old school habit of topping your tank is a no-no with the new technology. Supposedly, it kills the charcoal in the catalytic converter negating its ability to trap gas fumes. What I’ve discovered at the pump is that if the tank is empty, it will fill half way before there is an issue. Although if it is a rapidly filling pump, the issue is immediate. My solution for now is to slow fill at an angle that will allow for fumes to pollute to the atmosphere negating the purpose of the fume trapping technology. At this point, I’ve blown out intake, outtake, & breather tubes to converter with no resolve. I’m at the point where I’m considering replacing the converter with new. If anyone has a solid resolve to this issue, I’m open to it.

The new technology doesn’t allow packing of the gas tank.

The system has an overfill check valve that prevents that from happening.

Don’t you mean the charcoal canister?

There may be a problem with the VSV. (vent solenoid valve)



To emphasize Testers point, your gas tank or any part of your fuel or vapor recovery system have nothing to do with you converter.

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Tester & oldtimer_11,

Thanks for your feedback. It’s what I need. Based on your replies changing out my converter is not the solution. You are sending me more towards the engine of the car. I’ll get back to the drawing board. Schematic is big help.

Why not just spend about 100.00 dollars for a shop diagnostic and have a clear idea of what needs repair. They will also give a repair price and might even waive the diagnostic fee if you have them fix it.

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May come down to that. After reading reviews on the issue, no guarantee of fix at dealer. New technology, new problems when out the door not fully tested. Will consider it.

What new technology ? Your vehicle is 7 years old .

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Ford’s Easy Fill. Their technology. No gas cap.


Didn’t understand your comment on overfill check valve. What I meant about topping off is usually rounding up at the pump after automatic cut off before I had issue. If VSV, that would be worth having diagnostics catch that.


“To emphasize Testers point, your gas tank or any part of your fuel or vapor recovery system have nothing to do with you converter.”

Had to get back with you since converter is inline between gas tank and canister up front.

If this is the catalytic converter you are talking about it is not connected to the fuel system . It is part of the exhaust system . And what canister up front ? Sorry , Viktor but you need to find a good shop because it really sounds like you are just guessing.



I stand corrected. What I have been referring to as converter is the EVAP canister. The assembly houses the entire EVAP system. It changes out as an entire part which I’ve been considering replacing since I’ve blown all the tubing to it clear.

A new canister doesn’t come with a new vent solenoid valve.,2012,escape,3.0l+v6,3015248,exhaust+&+emission,vapor+canister+vent+valve+/+solenoid,16992


Easy Fill came out in 2008. It’s not new technology. It also has zero to do with the catalytic converter. Two of my vehicles have Easy Fill. I’ve never really had a problem with it, and I top off habitually.

When the tank is near empty and you start to fill the tank the fumes above the gas level in the tank are routed by various valves, some of them controlled by the engine computer, to the charcoal canister, where they get stuck to the charcoal, and any air that comes with the fumes is vented to the atmosphere. If the charcoal canister isn’t working , or if the valves or venting aren’t working, the symptom is that the gas pump shuts off prematurely.

As mentioned above newer cars won’t allow the fuel level above a certain point inside the tank. If you try to pour more than that amount in by tilting & angling the nozzle in it will just accumulate in the filler tube until it spills out the top.

If that mechanism fails and allows liquid gasoline into the canister, it will dissolved the bits of charcoal, and then the charcoal will be routed into the engine through the purge valve. This can damage the purge valve, among other undesirable things.

This problem is with the evaporative system, I don’t think it has anything to do with the easy fill system. This problem can happen to any modern car that is topped off. And none of this is engine-related.