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Ford can't figure it out!

I have a 2009 Ford Taurus. Curently it has 25K miles. At about 12K miles, I noticed it would at times, rev for 30 - 90 secs. Brought the car back to Ford 4 times and they can’t replicate the problem or figured out whats wrong. This revving is very erratic. Hot days , clod days, rainy days, nice weather. Some days it doesn’t do it at all, some days it does it 5 times on the way to work. Ford has replaced 2 different parts but nothing seems to help. I even had their “Flight recorder” on it and recorded the reving bit they still were not able to figure out the problem. Any ideas???

There is a law to protect your investment, called the Lemon Law. Depending on your state, it might be enforced by your District Attorney’s office, or you may have to file a civil suit.
I found a site that provides an overview of each states’ approach to the law:

The manufacturer’s approved dealers should be able to diagnose and fix the problem you are experiencing. I don’t know about you but for me, it has never been about the toys added onto the car that matters. I buy a car that reliably and safely gets me from point A to B. Hopefully in comfort. Your car isn’t even meeting that very simple standard, unless it can be fixed. If it can’t, it is a lemon.

I would first suspect the throttle position sensor but you didn’t state what things were replaced to try and fix this trouble.

they replaced the ETC assembly and the VDR, whatever that is supposed to be

they replaced the ETC assembly and the VDR, whatever that is supposed to be

ETC may mean engine throttle control. I don’t have any idea about what the other term may mean.

Here’s An Idea. Get On The Phone And “Fix It Yourself”.

Back in prehistoric times I worked at car dealers, parts and service management. I can guess that your car is possibly not the only 09 Taurus with this affliction. Larger volume dealers see recurrent problems earlier and more often than smaller volume dealers.

Has your dealer contacted higher-ups at Ford or brought in a zone rep ? They should be. Revving without driver input should send up a red flag.

What I’d do is find the nearest (only matters if you’ll be going there), largest, hugest, Ford dealers, in person or on the phone ( go online for Dealers and phone numbers ), and discuss the problem with those dealers’ Service Managers. See if this problem has been found and remedied elsewhere. You may then be able to tell your dealer how to fix the vehicle. They love that (sarcasm), I’ve done it before.

Please let us know what you find out.

P.S. If Ken Green is in the building, please come to the Service Desk. (Ken works in Parts at a Ford Dealer and is a regular, here on Car Talk.) Parts guys learn about these types of problems, too.