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Ford Bronco II 4 wheel drive

I’ll preface this by saying that I’m not very knowledgeable automotively. That being said…I have a 1988 Ford Bronco II which has numerous problems, but for the moment I just want to focus on one in particular. Does anyone know the technical name for the little “box” that has the push button to engage the 4 wheel drive, which on this vehicle is located between the window visors? Additionally, is there any place aside from a junkyard where one of these might be obtained? Any help would be most appreciated!

It was simply part numbered as the “switch” and is no longer sold new by Ford ( used 86,87,88 only, now obsolete ). Wrecking yard is now your only source, Ford # E6TZ-14B166-A was $ 105.04 new. If you’re having trouble getting the 4x4 to come on it might not be the switch. There is a control module behind the left quarter panel and the single most common problem is just dirty contacts in some of the electrical. My own 92 explorer, about every three years, needs the contacts cleaned in the 4x4 shift motor on the transfer case. It has a round cover held on by three screws. Mark it’s position ( it could spin right or left )so as not to reassemble misaligned. Inside there are small finger type contacts that need only a gentle cleaning of minor corrosion occurring over time. Same corrosion could be the fault of the switch and might also be cleanable.

Thanks for the info. The only reason I said the “switch” specifically is because in the not too distant past, I had a local garage look at this problem. They said that when they bypassed the switch via jumper wires, the 4 wheel drive engaged. They, as you, suggested the junk yard as a source, but I thought perhaps there might be some after-market source or possibly some enthusiast who may have had a few. Anyway, more questions pertaining to this vehicle will be forthcoming…Thanks again

Have you tried ebay or craigslist?

Gee, if the shop can do it so can you! You can just wire up a couple of big shiny generic toggle switches from the hardware store and off you go!