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Ford AOD Transmission on the Fritz

I have a 1989 Ford Mustang LX with the 5.0 and the AOD transmission. Recently the transmission has started to act up. It shifts normally up until it reaches the overdrive gear around 40 MPH. At this point it will upshift normally but after shifting giving it a lot of throttle will rev the engine but none of the power makes it to the engine. If you give it just a touch on the gas, power makes it to the wheels and the car will accelerate. But any more throttle than that and it just revs like it was in neutral.

Hoping it is something simple, but assuming it is something much, much worse.

How’s the tranny fluid look/smell?


Classic overdrive band slipping. The friction is most likely glazed along with the reverse drum which the band holds. Fluid level and condition is always the first thing to check like Tester suggested. I honestly dont think a fluid change will do this any good though. 20 years old…


Tranny levels look good, and the fluid itself looked fine.