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Ford 500 oil pan replacement

My dealer tells me I need a new oil pan (114,000 miles) because the threads have worn out on the pan due to multiple oil changes. Does this really happen or did the mechanic screw up and now he is trying to cover his mistake?

My experience is that the threads don’t wear out. Yours were damaged by cross-threading or more likely over-tightening.
I had several cars that made it way past 114K. I’ve never had an oil pan/plug problem. (I do all my own oil changes.)

In more than 40 years of driving I’ve never had oil pan threads “wear out.” If the threads are damaged someone damaged them, either by cross threading the drain plug or by over-tightening.

I’ve owned more than a few cars with over 114K miles on them, and none ever had damaged drain plug threads.

Even if the threads are damaged they can be repaired. You shouldn’t need a new oil pan. Something smells very fishy.