Ford 500 Air Conditioning Problem

The air conditioning on my 500 does not cool at idle and isn’t the greatest at 2500 rpm but does cool a lot better than. I got a kit to charge it. When I hooked it up, the gauge shows the system is overcharged. The gauge I have will hook up to the low side only. I wanted to get some opinions before taking it in for service.

In my opinion automotive AC is NOT a do-it-yourself project. I take any and all automotive AC problems to a shop that has the necessary equipment and expertise to correctly diagnose and repair automotive AC systems.

I have neither the equipment nor the expertise. Do you? If that refrigerant can explodes in your hand, it’s going to ruin your whole day.

Take it to an expert.

Thanks for your opinion, but I am looking for some possible causes for this problem before I take it to an expert. From reading previous post some of the experts way of doing this is replace parts until they get it right. Most likely there is a mechanic or mechanics that have dealt with this problem in the past and knows what the problem. I am kind of looking for a second opinion before taking it in.

When you used the gauge was the engine running and the compressor turning? If so you might have a compressor problem where it cannot pull an adequate vacuum. What is the temperature of the compressor outlet hose to the condensor? Is the suction hose from the evaporator getting cold?

Absent a full gauge set (high and low pressure), trouble shooting an A/C is mostly quess work. I would also toss in a infrared temperature probe, manufacturer’s specifications, and a halogen gas sniffer as very helpful in diagnosis.