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Ford 5.0 leak from the pump/hose

Hey I have a leak on my ford 5.0 that appears to come from the pump/hose. The previous owner said a gasket or oring was installed wrong. Any help is appreciated please. I just joined this and don’t know how it works.

Do you means coolant leak from the water pump?
Solution: take it to a mechanic, show them the leak. Let them diagnose the problem and repair/replace as needed. I would not be surprised is you need a new water pump, or hoses.

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Year, make, model, and miles are useful info. Is this the older 5.0 engine or the new one? Ask your friends, family, and neighbors for recommendations for a good local independent mechanic. From experience a small coolant leak can become a catastrophic leak in an instant.

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Ed B.

Just install a new water pump. You may surprise yourself at just how simple this can be. A little gumption, elbow grease, an afternoon and your Ford 5.0.

Buy a new pump and get to work. I have $20 that says you can do it…

As posted above you’ll get better results here if you provide the vehicle’s make/model/year/engine/transmission configuration. I own a 70’s Ford 302 (==5.0 L) truck and for that configuration the leak would probably be coming from the thermostat housing gasket or the bypass hose. Water pump leaks tend to come from the shaft seal.