Transmission and Engine V8 4.6 W in Vin

Hello All i just changed the water pump a day ago and works fine, but now my transmission is leaking Radiator fluid between the engine and transmission were they come together? Any ideas other than that she runs fine???

So…you mean you’re getting a coolant leak beetween the engine and transmission. There are heater hoses that run to the firewall that could leak down onto the transmission or rear of the engine and make it seem like the transmission is leaking coolant. It would make sense if you changed the water pump and it was severly corroded and not pumping much pressure out through the heater hoses. The new pump is well…new so it is pumping at a higher pressure, uncovering the leak/making it worse. If your heater never really worked too well I imagine this is probably the problem. You’ll have to look under the hood, follow the heater hoses to the fire wall and look for leaks.

Thanks ill take a look! I did replace the heater core a while back too! I didn’t put the original hoses back on because i had to replace the intake manifold!

I took a look at it and nothing noticeable? Drips but i think i can eventually get away with it? How about any seals or freeze plug or is it a lot work just for a seal and plugs??

These engines run heater hoses under the intake manifold and down the valley… Sometimes a bright light and an inspection mirror are needed to spot the source…